Groups – General Information

dance group Balaton

There are numerous groups, classes, events and dancing weekends held in many UK locations, organised by members of the SIFD.

Some are specialist groups, many multi-country.

You do not need to be a member of the SIFD to join a group, and almost every class* is very happy to welcome newcomers.

Unless otherwise stated, almost all groups and classes can be joined by people of any age, while no previous experience is necessary, and singles are as welcome as couples.

*Almost. You must be a member of the U3A to join a U3A class.

There is a separate page for each (arbitrary) area, and classes are listed by day of the week and start time – those who don’t commit themselves are listed at the bottom.
Those of you familiar with this site and, in particular, these pages will note that we have reclassified our groupings to match those used in our printed publicity. Basically, we now have have 3 groupings which are London (those groups who meet at a location in a London Borough), South (those groups who meet at a location South of a line from Bristol to The Wash) and North (those groups who meet at a location North of that line.)  Those who meet in locations both sides of the line will have their classes listed accordingly.

Groups are either Associated (AS) or Affiliated (AF). The difference between the two is explained on the Group Membership page.